College Competition

Designed For Creativity
We work with your group in advance to ensure that our team is ready to compliment your music with the best sound and visuals possible, complete with live sound by The Vocal Company

Focused On Group Growth
Using the AEA Scoring Rubric, our well-trained judges provide actionable feedback to each group through written feedback as well as one-on-one masterclasses.

Produced At The Highest Level
All groups perform in a state-of-the-art venue with over $1 million in A/V.  24 wireless microphones, HD video, and dazzling lights ensure that this will be the performance of the year for your students.


All groups will get professional photos of their set

Top Clinician

All groups will be assigned to one of our featured clinicians

Press Release Kit

You will get a press release kit to send to local news outlets

Produced Videos

The winning group will get a fully produced video of their entire set.
2nd and 3rd place will get a produced video of one song.

How To Apply:

Video Submission

Four Easy Steps

Record Two Songs
Step One

Video record two songs of your current group.
Videos must have been recorded after August 1, 2018.

Upload To YouTube
Step Two

Upload the videos to YouTube.
Combine into a single video with YouTube Editor.
Mark as unlisted.

Submit Application
Step Three

Submit your application online. Applications open October 1.
Deadline for submitting your application is December 1.

Pay Application Fee OR Buy Passes
Step Four

Purchase discounted earlybird tickets or wait until groups are announced in January to purchase full-price passes. If you buy earlybird passes, you also get to choose your clinician for your group masterclass.