Review Process

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    Videos Reviewed

    Once the submission deadline has passed, all video submissions will be reviewed by an AEA Review Panel. The Review Panel will score each video submission according to the AEA Judges’ Manual Scoring Rubric. The review process is blind, meaning that the judges will not know the name of the groups.

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    Groups Ranked and Slotted

    The average of each group’s two submission videos will be computed. All groups will be ranked based on their average score. The 10 highest ranking groups will receive Showcase performance slots, the following 6 groups Exhibition slots, and the next 7 groups AcaPop slots.

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    Objectivity Statement

    The goal of this review process is to remain as objective as possible. Each member of the Review Panel is a trained AEA judge with extensive a cappella experience. However, none of the reviewers will be AEA Board Members or NACC Staff.

See the AEA Judging Manual

If you have any further questions about the review process or other performance inquiries, e-mail Micha Mokrani.  For competition questions, e-mail Drew Wheaton.