Industry Partnership Program

The National a Cappella convention wants to develop a mutually beneficial relationship with you as someone who works in the a cappella industry. How does it work? It’s simple—you help us spread the word about NACC to your clients, and in return, we help promote and advertise for your business! The more your groups come to NACC, the greater the benefits!

A couple of key points—first, you need to have a solid client base. This means you have good relationships with a cappella groups and directors and are able to contact them via text, email, phone, or other direct communication. Secondly, you need a logo and a website—this is so that we can promote you on our website as an industry partner. If you haven’t gotten around to doing those things, here’s the subtle push you need to get it done!

We know how difficult it has been to be in the performing arts industry during the pandemic, and we hope that this partnership program helps kickstart a cappella businesses coming out of the pandemic!

What it means to be a NACC Industry Partner

Partner Benefits:
  • Logo on Website With Hyperlink
  • Social Media Shoutout
  • Special Thanks at NACC
  • Ability to give away business cards/free merch at NACC to attendees
  • Mention in an AEA Newsletter
  • Permission to call themselves "An Official Industry Partner of NACC"
Partner Requirements:
  • Direct connection to clients of Industry Partner
  • Partner actively reaches out to clients to tell them about NACC and discern their interest
  • Partner provides contact information to our sales team for further outreach
  • Partner promotes NACC via at least four social media posts
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