The Virtual Choral Festival

Friday March 25th

Focused On Group Growth

Choral Festival ensembles will receive one-on-one feedback from their judges during an extended, 30-minute clinic.

Judged at the Highest Level

All groups will perform in front of a panel of esteemed professional choral judges.

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How It Works

  • Purchase your Virtual Choral Festival Pass (1 per performing group).
  • From the comfort of your classroom or school performance venue, record your three song set.
  • Submit your performance to the Virtual Choral Festival for adjudication.
  • Tune in at your assigned time and/or receive a video recording of our judging panel providing real-time feedback and assessment of your performance.
  • click this link
  • Complete the Registration Form for each group you intend to have participate
    Once your registration is complete, you will receive an invoice via email.
  • Once you have submitted payment or a purchase order, you will receive a link of available times to sign up.
  • Your group has the option to call in to watch the adjudication process.
  • All adjudication sessions will be recorded for video and audio.
The Festival
  • The NACC Virtual Choral Festival will take place on Friday March 25th.
  • Groups that intend to call in for their assessment should log on 5 minutes before their designated time.
  • Our judges will proceed with the adjudication process at the designated time whether a group is virtually in attendance or not.
  • All participating groups will receive the recording of the judges adjudication session to review at their leisure.
  • All participating groups will receive a festival rating in accordance with the NACC Choral Festival Rubric and will be notified of their result after the call has concluded.

Questions? Reach out to our Choral Festival Coordinator, Marc Silverberg at

Download the Rubric